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I just seriously levelled-up my marketing skills

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– Ben S.
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You’re a marketing pro or business builder and things are going well — but something’s not quite right.

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This program will teach you exactly how to build a marketing system designed around how shoppers buy today. It’s not about making better ads or grabbing more clicks. It’s a fundamental shift in the way you speak to customers.

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As Founder & CEO of Influicity, Jon Davids has spent a decade helping businesses large and small, grow their brands through the power of community. This means influencers, podcasts, email, and social media. Building brand value that helps companies increase their reach, serve more customers, and make more money.

He created Marketing Superpowers Pro to share the playbook he’s used with business builders everywhere.

What People Say About Jon Davids

Matt Higgins

. 1st

6mo •••
CEO and Cofounder at RSE Ventures I Author: Burn the Boats, Har...

This is a great post, interesting. Love the creativity of roll ups. Thanks. 

Arjun J. Davda, MBA

(He/Him) . 2nd

1mo (edited) •••
Business & Tech Leader with 20+ years of Business Development, ...

Hi Jon Davids – checked out your podcast – inspirational! Count me in as a new follower of yours. Looking forward to consuming more of your content! Amazing story Manjit Minhas, congrats to you, Ravinder and the entire clan that’s built this empire.

Abigail Megan Mela

. 2nd

1mo •••
Head of Marketing @ Asumma. | We build architectural, sustainabl...

These stories are literally amazing. So fascinating. Incredible content.

Dion Green

. 3rd+

1mo •••
National Sales Manager at Real Time Networks

Jon Davids -Great share and what an inspiring story.

Sridhar lyengar

. 2nd

1mo •••
Aditya Birla Capital Ltd-Select Partner. Mutual Fund, Health Insura...

Jon Davids missed your posts till date. But not anymore. I have pressed the bell icon 🔔

Great post.

Vanshi Buch

. 3rd+

41s •••
Business Analytics & Strategy

Love your posts. They are to the point, informative and most importantly, INSPIRATIONAL!!! I always look forward to your posts.

Ihsan Legget

. 2nd

1mo •••
Consumer Marketer and Business Builder I Go To Market Leader I ...
Jon Davids I just started following you and you have some of the best content on LinkedIn. You should do a post on how you do all this research. Keep it up. I enjoy all the breakdowns.

Ted Merz, CFA

(He/Him) . 1st

1mo •••
Founder Principals Media / Modern Storytelling for Business Leade...

Jon this might be my favorite so far. Fascinating and made me want to read more about her.

⚡ Mordy Rapp

. 2nd

15h •••
I Make Videos for TECH | Willy Wonka Wannabe | Board Game Enth...

i really enjoy your posts.

Emily Rose Dallara

. 2nd

14h •••
✨ I help overwhelmed but ambitious leaders and founders in Web 3...

i love all these case studies! they’re inspirational and i like to dissect the ideas see what i could apply to my biz!

David Rajakovich

. 2nd

1mo •••
I led a SaaS company from 0 to a mid-8 figure valuation through 2 ...

You share the most insightful and interesting stories, Jon

Hayley Joy Weinberg 🦋

. 2nd

7h •••
Multipotentialite - Fashion designer | Fabric designer | Digital artist |

I love reading your posts Jon. I have a zero attention span for reading waffle 😉 you get me to read to the end, every single time. You have a true gift, you leave out all the waffle and get straight to the point!

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