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here's something interesting...

I get the same email every single week.

It’s usually from a business owner or a marketing exec. And it goes like this:

“I love your insights around building brands and communities. And I’m trying to do this for [our company]. But it’s not working. Can you help?”

These businesses are all different. Home decor, industrial cleaning, pet supplies, business software.

And they’re all unique.

But they’re each getting stuck in the exact same spot. For the exact same reason.

Let me rephrase this email so you can read it how I read it:

How can I invest in building my brand, while simultaneously growing revenue right now?

Well friends, I have good news and bad news.

  • The good news is I’ve got the answer. I actually wrote an entire framework on this years ago.

  • The bad news is that when this is the problem, it’s hard to fix on your own.

Not because you aren’t qualified. (You are.) And not because you lack persistence. (You don’t.)

The reason is this:

Once a business hits a certain scale, brand building usually gets tossed aside.

And it’s a shame. Because companies that can actually do it, end up with wild results. Dramatic ROAS. Absurd growth.

We’re talking brands that single-handedly forklift revenue to a whole new level.

And I want to help you get there.

So here’s what I’m offering.

I want to work with you one-on-one, to build out your brand and community, while driving revenue right away.

Sound good? Hit the blue button to get in touch.

I use a proven framework to make this happen. The same framework I’ve used with brands large and small, for 10+ years.

Here’s how it works:

1/ Optimize Rented Channels

First and foremost, you need revenue today. Or nothing else matters. Let’s get this right so they’re sending customers your way.

2/ Build a Brand Foundation

Now we turn attention to the brand fundamentals. Origin story, unifying belief, faith drivers, and characters.

3/ Own the Customer Relationship

Next we build out your “owned” channels. Content formats, creative templates, platforms, styles, and so on.

4/ Connect the Dots

With the pieces in place, we must move customers from rented to owned. Nurture motions, GTM flows, funnels, and more.

5/ Climb the Product Ladder

Your engine is cranking, so let’s increase the value of every transaction. Don’t cap your price at $200 when it’s worth $200K.

You must drive revenue and build brand at the same time. It’s not either/or. It’s plus, plus, plus.

I talked about this on stage a little while ago.

Here’s the video:

Praise For Jon Davids

"Jon is a brilliant marketer who understands the landscape end to end and explains things in a way anybody can understand, digest and implement."

Bill Munro | Director at Munro Footwear Group

5 stars

"Understanding the value of a brand, its ability to transcend consumer behavior — and building one that actually drives profit — is something so many businesses struggle with. Jon understands how to get it done with precision and success."

Drew Green | Chairman, CEO and President, INDOCHINO

5 stars

"Jon truly understands modern consumer behaviour and how word travels today. I’ve seen him develop these skills over the years, always staying on the pulse of culture."

Joseph Mimran | Founder of Club Monaco & Joe Fresh

5 stars

"No one is more versed in the art and science of influence than Jon Davids."

Brooke Janousek | CMO

5 stars

"Jon’s approach to explaining marketing and business strategies is simple, practical and most importantly, easy to understand and apply.

Luis Velasco | SVP of Marketing at Jollibee Foods North America

5 stars

"Jon breaks down complex marketing strategies into simple, practical steps that anyone can follow. Among the best in the business."

Lloyed Lobo | WSJ Best-Selling Author

5 stars

Don’t sacrifice today’s sales for tomorrow’s growth. Get both right now.

It’s tempting to side step your brand building.

It’s the needy little orphan that asks too much and gives too little. So it gets tossed aside.

But stick with it. You may just have Harry Potter living under your stairs. 

Seriously though, investing in your brand isn’t a nice to have. Commodity products are increasingly getting relegated to irrelevance.  

in all my years growing brands customers love, I have almost never been able to just tell you the answer. Not even once.

I have to do it with you. Side by side.

Like 2 pirates on a sea vessel, sailing on rocky waters towards that coveted treasure. When your business is at a certain scale, you can’t risk interfering with the revenue engine. You need to keep it going. And that’s where things

And that’s why I want to make you this offer.

I’ve seen this happen so many times. Too many.

You are a business owner or entrepreneur who already has a successful business doing $1M in revenue.

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