About Jon

I made $300K in college by figuring out one thing. How to hijack demand on the internet. And that skill changed my life.

Let me rewind and tell you how it happened.

2004: I built an online magazine and monetized through digital ads. I ran it while in college and sold to a large publisher in 2009. If you want the whole story, I made a video about it.

2011: I stumbled on the world of YouTube influencers and figured out how to use this emerging channel to drive millions in revenue for brands. This was a good start, but I had bigger plans.

2015: I launched Influicity, an early influencer marketing agency. Too early. It was a grind for the first while, but we found our groove. Eventually we won clients like Warner Bros, Walmart, and Bank of America.

2019: Influicity scales rapidly, helping clients with podcasts, social media, and content marketing.

JD starts making content across social and podcast. Within 18 months, he’s reaching 2M people a month.

  2024: JD publishes his first book, Marketing Superpowers. The book he wishes he read when he launcehd his first business.  


As a purebred entrepreneur, I love to share my insights and experiences.

If that’s your thing, tune into my podcast, newsletter, and social media.

For those who want to go deeper, I create courses and masterclasses too. You can find those in the Training tab on this website.

There’s more to my story, but that’s all for now.