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"This is a step-by-step playbook on how to turn marketing into your superpower. And use it to drive massive growth."

I’m releasing my book in 2024. And I’m aiming to impact a lot of people.

I’ll be sharing lots of details over the next few months.

Right now, I’m building a launch team who will help me spread the word. Each member of the Launch Team will get:

      • Early access to the book
      • Worksheets, guides, checklists, and videos before anyone else
      • A virtual meet-up with me to go deeper on topics, ask any questions, and more.


What does the Launch Team do?

  1. Read the book before anyone else
  2. Leave a review on Amazon
  3. Share it on social media
  4. Suggest podcasts/shows that I should be on to promote the book

I’m trying to get rid of some of the headaches.

  • building a website
  • getting a branded email
  • managing social media
  • writing sales emails

The Business Essential Kit will save you 40 hours of research and $1000’s on stupid mistakes. (I’ve made them all.)

I’m also going to include courses that will help you make lots of money faster.

My kit is 100% free. You can review and buy whatever you need, when you need it. (A bunch are actually free.)

Get on the waiting list and I’ll email you when it’s released.

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