Build a 7-figure Sales Engine

Private consultation with Jon, learning exactly how to build a sales engine that generates millions.


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Scale Your Sales

Price: $3,390


Format: 1-hour live session plus multiple templates and resources from Jon

Availability: Not currently booking any new clients

What you’ll learn:

In this 1-hour power session, I will walk you through everything you need to build a 7-figure sales engine and beyond.


This includes:

  • Developing your ideal customer profile
  • Constructing a “value-packed” offer
  • Sourcing qualified leads
  • Sales outreach
  • Presentations and script
  • Follow-up and closing


You’ll also get:

  • Metrics that matter – my framework for measuring success and KPI’s
  • Sales script template – my template to develop scripts that close
  • Software and tools – my essential sales software list
  • Power session recording – so you can reference it afterwards


My Goal:

If put into action, this playbook will make you $25K within 3 months. But that’s just the start. I’ve used it to build 3 businesses making 7+ figures or more. There is nothing stopping you from doing the same.


Who it’s for:

  • B2B and high-ticket B2C professionals. This includes agencies, course creators, coaches, consultants, enterprise software firms, service professionals, etc.
  • Basically, anyone selling expensive advice, premium services, and pricey products.
  • It’s also best if you’re not starting from zero. You should have an operating business today, making at least $5K/mth.

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I’m trying to get rid of some of the headaches.

  • building a website
  • getting a branded email
  • managing social media
  • writing sales emails

The Business Essential Kit will save you 40 hours of research and $1000’s on stupid mistakes. (I’ve made them all.)

I’m also going to include courses that will help you make lots of money faster.

My kit is 100% free. You can review and buy whatever you need, when you need it. (A bunch are actually free.)

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